Saturday, October 20, 2012


The little girl is Nikki a recent convert and she recently got a cat. The cat's name is Romeo and Sister Hansen's first name is Juliet, so this is Romeo and Juliet :)

                    The day 3 people from our mission turned 1 year old.

Us at the Dia de Hispanidad
The worst parking job ever (California drivers are scary!) It was kind of funny... both cars had tickets on the windshields. I guess the second car pushed the first one into the red zone?

We had the same colors that day, but in a different order. It made me laugh everytime I saw us :D

 The craft project we were working on for a long time last transfer. It was that object lesson with doing pushups for every door you open but you can ask if there is a candy bar behind the door (asking for baptism dates) so you only have to do 10 pushups instead of like 30. Hermana Hansen drew it all out and I colored it all. We gave them candy bars and gave them this so they could keep it. It is a door and when you open it, there is a candy bar. (these were for the elders. we still haven't quite finished ours)

Brittany made little sculpey figurines of Hermana Hansen and I! (I'll have to remember to take a close up picture of just the figurine. It is so cute!

Two with Hermana Jovel, a person who is so cool and makes delicious food and has been a member for about a year and a half. The flower thing is the national flower of El Salvador and they use it in cooking I guess.

                                      Our last zone conference this week.

                          Two from my first zone conference.

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