Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

This has been a pretty miracle filled week! One of the ways was that we received something like 7 referrals! That has never happened so much! Some were by members we visited from the ward and asked who they knew that needed the message. One came by elders from North Hollywood who had done a family home evening where the family invited friends over and so they shared a short message about the restoration and watched the restoration DVD. It ended up that they live in our area and agreed for us to come to their house. Another came by the elders in Pacoima talking to everyone and one lady who lived in our area agreed to us coming over. But my personal favorite was that our ward on their own initiative decided to do a less active blitz of a sort. Last Sunday after church they got together and divided into twos to go try to stop by as many less actives as possible to see if they still live there etc. Our area ended up getting two referrals from that from houses where the member wasn't home but the person who anwered the door agreed to us coming over. It makes a missionary's heart so extremely happy hearing that the ward is putting forth efforts in the missionary work of nourishing all members and sharing the gospel with all those around them. It makes us even more excited to do our part to support the ward even more and help them in anything and everything.
Just in general this week has been an amazing week of ministration. We've gotten to sing to a person who had a birthday, We listened to the member's stories of their faith building moments. We've served people--the most fun service being helping Hermana De Leon pack because she's moving from an apartment to a house soon. There happened to be a grocery cart hanging out side by the parking lot (that happens a lot here) and so she told us to get it and fill it up with stuff from the storage that she needed brought up to the house. So we felt a lot more like nativas walking around inside pushing a grocery cart haha! Then we went out to the apartment grill place and burned a box full of old bills haha. That was super fun and we got random pictures from it.

The Santa Clarita stake on Saturday was doing this youth conference activity called "Mission I'm Possible." They did lots of activities. Like they were each assigned a mission, a companion et cetera. On Friday they went to different people's houses who served them food from whatever country they were assigned to. On Saturday morning they did some studies and thing like that. Then after that they each went with their companion and went and did missionary work with the missionaries. So that meant all of the sister missionaries from the San Fernanado and Santa Clarita valleys were utilized and many elders too. It was super fun being out with them. The funny parts were when we were in situations where the people only spoke Spanish because about all they spoke was "hola. como estas?" or "gracias." But it was so beautiful to be with them and to do our best to make sure that they both had a spiritual experience and also that they had a great perception of what missionary work is actually like and things good missionaries do (like talk to EVERYONE, testify, et cetera). It was super cute when we were at an apartment complex and they just wanted to give everyone a pass along card or a Book of Mormon or both. They wanted to talk to everyone and their testimonies were simple but powerful. We even saw an amazing miracle with them. We tried to contact one of our referrals and she wasn't home, so we decided to knock the neighbor’s houses and the next door neighbor was a 16 year old. She was super Catholic-- is a teacher of a catholic communion class and has read the Bible one an a half times. When one of the girls offered a Book of Mormon and bore a simple testimony of what it meant to her she accepted the Book of Mormon. We invited her to be baptized and she said that if she finds out it is true like what the youth were testifying about, she would be baptized.
This work is soooo great!!! I am so excited because this Wednesday we also get to go to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! That is my favorite place ever!

Tenga el Espiritu consigo siempre!
~Hermana Whetten

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