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Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh boy. Another great week. I can't believe that this week we'll be celebrating our 10 months out on the mission together. Where has the time gone, seriously? It seriously felt like last week that we were celebrating our 9 months. I don't even know where this transfer went!!!! The transfers are going by like weeks nowadays. And that's scary!!!! 
I don't think I've shared the list of animals I've seen since I've been in Sylmar with you all yet, so I'll do that. We've seen horses, chickens, llamas, lizards, bunnies, squirrels, dogs!!!! (in like every house), cats, and peacocks (I know, what?! They were just wandering around on this street one day). So I guess Sylmar is like a nice mix between a farm, a desert, and a zoo. 
Last preparation day we went mini golfing at this random free outdoor mini golf park from the 60s that is just randomly set up and way overgrown with grass, plants, weeds, et cetera behind the hospital. We randomly found it in our area one day because a referral was nearby. But yeah, it ended up being really fun. I think we're going to be hiking today, which I'm quite excited for! 
On Tuesday we had interviews with the president. It was fun, but we didn’t have much time each. He gave me a cool talk that I want to check out from April 2012 by Richard G. Scott called How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for Your Personal Life. I think that will probably go along nicely with my seeking to receive revelation for my Book of Revelations (I just finished up my last page of my current one today, so I'll need to be on the search for a new one today!) 
We also met some pretty cool people this week. Likewise, we went on exchanges for a day. Hermana Hansen and Hermana Zepeda are the exchange sisters right now. Hermana Hansen is going home in a week and that is kind of crazy to think about. We were curious which sister would be with Hermana Hansen because Hermana Tavoian and I have both been her companion, but it ended up that I stayed in Sylmar and Hermana Zepeda came to me. We had a really fun time. She also loved when I helped cure her insomnia by doing yoga with her before we went to bed and also when I taught her about how cool the word of wisdom is. I think little by little Hermana Mulliner and I will convert the whole mission into being more healthy. It's a good thing to haha! Because there was an elder in our district who, when we were going around talking about what we ate for breakfast, said that he ate ice cream that morning! Oh man! But yeah, one thing I learned from Hermana Zepeda is that God doesn't have to direct you in every step of your life. If you have enough trust in the Lord, you can move forward and have the faith that if you're about to fall off of a cliff he will warn us. We don't need to be guided in every step of the way. In fact, that takes away our agency. 
She also taught me that it is no coincidence that I came out on a mission when I did. That only after I was out was the age requirement lowered. I was meant to be out here to help train these younger sisters coming in. I definitely believe that. Because originally I wasn't planning on going on my mission until after I graduated from college. I didn't receive some huge confirmation that I needed to leave out on my mission right then, but it all just worked out and felt right as I was continuing to go through the process of filling out the papers et cetera. But it was no coincidence that I was out here and then the age was lowered. I was meant to be right here right now. This is where and when the Lord needed me. And I am glad I accepted and came even though that meant changing my plans quite a bit. Hermana Tavoian also shared with me a very cool thought about how why I was even meant to be in Sylmar right here and right now. Hermana Hansen was only here for a transfer. It would have made sense for her to have stayed in Sylmar for her final transfer and that would have given enough time for some other sister to get used to this area before she took off. But had she been here I wouldn't have been able to come because I've already been her companion. It was by moving her and keeping Hermana Tavoian here, even though this is now her 6th transfer here, that not only were we able to be together (President even said he never would have expected us to be together) but also that I was able to be in Sylmar right here right now. There is something or someone in Sylmar that I need to do or teach. I absolutely know that. Isn't it cool how the Lord is in the big things of our life but also the little teeny details as well. If not even a hair is lost without him noticing, of course not a single companion or area or mission would be chosen without his direction. How cool that an infinitely creative and divine being is hand picking experiences for us!! 
I definitely encourage you to continue your book of revelations and I'll also share a cool scripture I found this morning. 1 Nephi 18:3. That is the desire of my heart, to be showed great things by the Lord. But it doesn't just come. I have to diligently work for it. It is by praying, studying, taking seminary and institute classes, going to church, doing callings, going to the temple. That is how you do your part. And along the way you are preparing yourself to receive those great things! 
Tenga el espiritu santo consigo para siempre! 
~Hermana Whetten

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